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oud hand set NEW boxed sets

The oud-fragranced hand set contains a liquid soap and hand lotion, both perfumed with the top selling oud perfume. The two products come in their original packaging, placed inside a blind embossed box which, in turn, is dressed in a foiled sleeve.  Organic soap and organic lotion are 100% made in Sweden.  Both bottles 350ml each.

Oud is "generously wooden" with resinous spikes.

Organic perfumed liquid soap - no color, preservatives or petrochemicals. High fat content and glycerin, suitable for delicate skin. 

Organic perfumed hand lotion: the formulation leaves your skin replenished and soft to the touch. It is designed with a natural and long-lasting formulation that works both in depth and on the surface. The formulation is centered around Natural Moisturizing Factors known as NMFs, substances that occur naturally in your skin and have proven efficacy (for example, AHA, glycerin and vitamin E).