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Bonvini 1909 - Edizioni Bonvini NEW!

There is a beautiful 115+ year-old stationery & print shop in the outskirts of Milan called Fratelli Bonvini.  Any stationery person would love this place - all the notebooks and pencils, the original presses, the stacks of type cases - and so many varied surfaces coated in layers of thick and distinctive green paint.

But one also has the feeling that there's something else happening here.. and there is.  In 2014 a group of friends undertook the task of preserving the material aspects of this historical shop with the help of architects specialized in the protection of cultural heritage.  And they simultaneously launched a creative company, Bonvini 1909, to explore a range of graphic/publishing/cultural initiatives with the shop as its base, workshop and community center.  We are very happy to launch these items from Edizioni Bonvini here, all carefully handmade with highest quality and recycled materials.  And we'd like to recommend a trip to this incredibly inspired and inspriring shop - there's also an exhibition space upstairs.. just ask at the desk for entrance.

All products 100% made in Italy.