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This is a new category of Pampshade called 'SLICE'.

As bread is formed and baked, yeast is at work making the dough rise and adding flavor. The memory of the yeast can be traced in the air bubbles visible in the cross-section of bread. You can hear the unique voices of various breads from the cross-section of a slice.

Materials: bread flour, cake flour, salt, yeast, acrylic, etc. All Pampshades are made from upcycled (unsold) breads sourced from local bakeries.
Size: Approximately 150x100x33 mm (6"x4"x1.3")
Variations: The inside motif is made from real bread, so each piece of bread will vary slightly in shape, size, and color

The bread is carefully sliced out during the manufacturing process, resulting in some minor cracks or small holes. Please note that these are not considered to be flaws.