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Virtues of Wood 2 Limited Edition Prints

Limited edition, numbered risograph print. Size A3 (11.7" x 16.5"), 200g FSC certified paper.

about the Virtues of Wood collection: "We discovered these remarkable deadwood sculptures on a beach in New Zealand and they immediately fascinated us. They once served as a habitat for countless organisms. Now they can be marveled at as a work-of-art created by nature.

Deadwood is not “dead”, quite the opposite, it is a place of rejuvenation. It provides nutrients to young plants and protects them against drought through its ability to retain water. Deadwood is an essential component of the forest ecosystem. Fungi, lichens, mosses, ferns, and many insect species have adapted to this habitat over the course of evolution. There is a wide variety of interdependencies between fungi and insects. Insects transfer fungal spores to the wood, and the fungi, in turn, can be a food source and habitat for other insects. This process is indispensable for the preservation of biodiversity.

Due to forestry and the increasing demand for energy wood, many animals and plants that depend on deadwood are now on the Red List of endangered species. Everyone can help counteract this by simply leaving a piece of deadwood in the corner of their garden or balcony."