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36 pencils - color assortment Kita-Boshi Pencils

Vivid colors, smooth touch, excellent adhesion to paper. Suitable for children and adults. Non-toxic. Made of recyclable wood with a 'just right' level of hardness. Lightfast oil-based pigments give a warm and gentle color. Slide-out interior paper tray keeps pencils organized; exterior case is also paper. Colors labeled on pencils in signature font.

colors: red, orange, yellow, yellow-green, green, blue, purple, brown, light blue, pink, white, black, vermillion, chrome yellow, deep green, ultramarine, magenta, carmine, Vandyke brown, yellow ochre, light orange, grey, gold, silver, mandarin orange, lemon yellow, olive green, emerald green, peacock blue, Prussian blue, reddish brown, leaf green, sky blue, wisteria violet, lilac, rose red