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Pacific Marks 5 Limited Edition Prints

Limited edition, numbered risograph print. Size A3 (11.7" x 16.5"), 200g FSC certified paper.
about the Iridescence series:
Are these stones the product of astronomical forces? Have they fallen from space? In fact, these rocks are the creations of invertebrates that have burrowed into the stone. It is amazing to think that these perfect holes were bored into the stone by living creatures. The larger holes about a centimeter across are usually made by bivalve mollusks called Piddocks which have a special shell used for boring into rock. It is common to find these stones with holes whose inhabitants have moved on. Trying to remove the empty shells is difficult because the rocks become very fragile; they will disintegrate immediately under slight pressure. As pieces break away, the stones become more rounded and worn, then end up as pebbles on the beach. These stones have a characteristically light feel, which is very unusual for rocks. That lightness has inspired us in our graphical interpretation. We documented the stones and graphically staged them in a way to appear as if they were floating over the paper.